Our Platform

SIGNAFLEX GPS is a high-performance fleet management platform that allows real-time monitoring of the activities and movements of your vehicle fleet.

Designed and hosted in Quebec, the SIGNAFLEX GPS platform offers an economical concept that can easily be adapted to all your GPS tracking needs.

About Us

For more than 20 years, our team has been composed of experts specialized in vehicle integration. They will quickly propose the best solution to meet your needs. Our offer combines fast and efficient commissioning of the customized platform, a training program and technical support available 24/7. We have done everything possible to facilitate your arrival with us. With SIGNAFLEX GPS, you are in good hands to successfully implement or migrate your GPS fleet tracking platform.

Signaflex GPS Overview

Locate your vehicles in real time

Track the activities of your vehicles, their location in real time and the driving behavior of your users.

Receive Alerts

Receive specific alerts on your mobile devices or by email when a situation needs to be brought to your attention.

Analyze and optimize your fleet management

Optimize the use of your assets and personnel on the road with our customizable, template-based usage reports.


Fleet Tracking

Locate your vehicles on a map and get real-time historical tracking of trips made.

Delivery Sequence Calculator

Calculate the time spent on specific operations and activities related to the routes of the vehicles tracked.

Electronic Logbook

Get ready for the Hours of Service Act (HOS) coming into effect (June 2021) with our FMCSA-certified electronic logbook system.

Usage Reports

Generate detailed usage reports that are template-based and customizable.

Driving Behaviour

Track user behavior according to your settings.

Geofencing and Alerts

Configure virtual zones on the map that can be used to generate reports and alerts in real time.

Tracking and Security

Easily find your vehicle quickly in the event of theft and add security and behavioral tracking features to your fleet.

Maintenance Follow-ups

Track the maintenance to be performed on the vehicles in your fleet and receive planning notices.


Adapt and customize the platform's interface to your colors according to your own corporate image.

Our Markets and Applications

Delivery Vehicles

Optimize your delivery routes and reduce your transportation costs and delays.

Representative on the Road

Manage your sales territories and keep a history of customers visited.

Fleet of Maintenance and Service Vehicles

Relay service and maintenance requests to the vehicles closest to the point of request and gain efficiency. No more hassles!

Construction and Heavy Machinery

Keep a history of the use and operation of various equipment and machinery.

Snow Removal and Public Works

Keep a history of the routes taken according to the use of the machinery thanks to our public works module.

Residual Materials and Hazardous Materials

Maintain a driver behavioural history in accordance with Section 40 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation.

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